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Journal Scope

Journal of Space Mixing publishes articles in experimental and theoretical physics related to the unification of fundamental forces and the development of a Theory of Everything (TOE) based on the principle that all interactions arise from the exchange of information in spacetime. The process of information exchange in spacetime is called space mixing. Articles pertaining to anomalous forces and the harnessing of energy from spacetime also fall under the scope of the journal since they are intimately related to the fundamental structure and properties of spacetime.

What is space mixing?

Space mixing is the process by which information is exchanged in spacetime. It gives rise to all physical laws and observations.

What is Space Mixing Theory?

Space Mixing Theory (SMT) is a unified, coherent explanation of the laws governing physical reality. SMT starts with some of the basic principles governing existence and uses these to derive fundamental topological properties of spacetime. The fundamental theorem of SMT is that all physical properties of the multiverse are embedded in a dynamicl self-scalar field called the latent scalar, L. SMT explains properties of physical reality using a combination of mathematics, physics, and formal logic. One of the primary goals of SMT is to show how observable properties and physical laws arise from the latent scalar.

Some questions which SMT tries to answer:

  • How can the fundamental interactions of nature be unified?
  • Is it possible to harness energy from space?
  • What is the nature of information comprising space?
  • How can the masses, structures, and other properties of subatomic particles be predicted?
  • What are the dimensions comprising space?
  • Why is matter more abundant than anti-matter?
  • Why is charge quantized?
  • How can existing laws and properties be derived from the latent scalar and properties of space mixing?
  • What are the physical laws governing the supernatural?
  • What are the laws governing novel, high, nonlinear fields?

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