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Review Process

In order to streamline the publication process, the Journal of Space Mixing now uses a system in which submitted manuscripts are evaluated solely by the Editor instead of traditional peer-review. The Editor carefully reads each manuscript, evaluates its technical merits, and decides whether or not it should be accepted for publication. The Editor may require revisions to be made before a manuscript can be accepted for publication. While this process is not as rigorous as peer-reviewed, it allows submitted manuscripts to be evaluated more rapidly and efficiently.

Your submitted manuscript is evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Does the article present original ideas and content?
  • Is the article written in a clear and concise manner with good organization?
  • Are the scientific principles of the article communicated effectively?
  • Does the article maintain high standards of academic excellence?
  • Does the article clearly distinguish between speculative and substantiated claims?
  • Does the article cite relevant prior research and their relationship to the claims of the article?
  • Does the article address an important topic related to space mixing?

The journal aims to inform authors whether their manuscript has been accepted or rejected within six weeks. If rejected, the author will be provided a list of reasons for the rejection. In many instances, authors will be informed of improvements that must be made before a decision of acceptance can be made.

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