Journal of Space Mixing

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        Tom Manz

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Title: Journal of Space Mixing

homepage url:

Publisher: Tom Manz, 855 East University Ave., Apt 213, Las Cruces, NM 88001

Dates of Publication:  7/2003 -

ISSN: 1546-6647

subjects: (1) Space mixing science and engineering; (2) Unification Physics; (3) Physics and Philosophy;  (4) High voltage phenomena; (5) The hypercalculus of discrete-continuous dual spaces

description: Journal of Space Mixing publishes articles in experimental and theoretical physics related to the unification of fundamental interactions based on the principle that all interactions arise from the exchange of information in space. The process of information exchange in space is called space mixing. Articles describing mathematical foundations of discrete-continuous dual spaces are also appropriate for the Journal. The Journal also publishes articles describing unusual forces related to high voltage phenomena.

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