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This page contains the current email address and article list for each author in the JSM. This list will be expanded as more authors publish in the journal.

Buehler, Doyle R.

email: living[[at]]
articles: Exploratory Research on the Phenomenon of the Movement of High Voltage Capacitors (April 4, 2004; 22 pages)

Manz, Thomas A.

email: tom[[at]]
articles: Founding Principles of Space Mixing Theory (July 23, 2003; 17 pages)

A Theory of the Connectivity Dimensionality Field in Edge-Vertex Graphs and Discrete-Continuous Dual Spaces (December 11, 2008; 91 pages)

Physical Space is a Discrete-Continuous Dual Space of Varying Connectivity Dimensionality Field that Transcends Variable-Based Mathematics (April 24, 2011; 10 pages)

Perspective on This Week’s Announcement in High Energy Particle Physics and the Mechanism of Gauge Symmetry Breaking (July 8, 2012; 9 pages)


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