Perspective on This Week's Announcement in High Energy Particle Physics and the Mechanism of Gauge Invariance Breaking

Author: Thomas A. Manz <tom[a]>
Size: 9 pages (110 KB)
Reference: Journal of Space Mixing, 2012, 5, 1-9.

This week, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN announced the discovery of a new boson with mass of ~125 GeV. Many have interpreted these results as evidence in favor of the Higgs boson believed to provide a mechanism for subatomic particle mass generation. However, CERN stated in their announcement that the true identity of the new boson, if confirmed, has yet to be determined. In this article, I argue the proposed Higgs boson mass (~125 GeV) is too large to directly explain any effect as common as particle mass generation. An alternative is introduced in which subatomic particle masses are generated by cross-dimensional projections. These cross-dimensional projections are a natural consequence of inherent uncertainty in the connectivity dimensionality field of physical space due to its non-uniform discrete-continuous dual structure. Like the Higgs mechanism, these cross-dimensional projections break electroweak symmetry. These cross-dimensional projections also break the strong nuclear interaction gauge symmetry, and this causes matter to anti-matter asymmetry. I propose that Space Mixing Theory is useful for studying these types of symmetry breaking, the mechanisms for subatomic particle mass generation, inflation, dark matter, and the unification of physical interactions.

Keywords: subatomic particle mass generation, Higgs boson, Higgs field, space mixing theory, Standard Model of particle physics, string theory, Heim theory, gauge symmetry breaking, matter to anti-matter symmetry breaking, dark matter, latent scalar field, connectivity dimensionality field, quark and gluon confinement, cross-dimensional projections, temporal channel averaging, Large Hadron Collider, CERN, Einstein-Cartan theory, unification of physical interactions, electrogravity, fuons, multi-story space-time model, theory of everything (TOE), inflation, strong nuclear interaction, quarks, weak nuclear interaction.

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Perspective on This Week's Announcement in High Energy Particle Physics and the Mechanism of Gauge Invariance Breaking

By Thomas A. Manz

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