Exploratory Research on the Phenomenon of the Movement of High Voltage Capacitors

Author: Doyle R. Buehler <living@doylebuehler.com>
Size: 22 pages (1463 KB)
Reference: Journal of Space Mixing, 2004, 2, 1-22.

Experiments performed with high voltage single and parallel plate electric capacitors indicated a net external force acting upon the capacitor mass.  The observed tendency was that the charged capacitor consistently moved in an upward direction.  However, the force could not be directly associated with the interaction of the electric and magnetic fields of the earth; the results were extremely anomalous. For the parallel plate capacitors, it was shown that the upward motion is proportional to the amount of electrical potential energy stored in the electrostatic field of the capacitor.  A rigorous theoretical discussion is not presented since a complete understanding of the results was not attainable.  Preliminary data analysis is presented. Comparisons are made with an ionic lifting grid to formulate a basic hypothesis for the capacitorsí motion.

Keywords: high-voltage capacitors, nonlinear field effects, anomalous forces, electrogravitics, antigravity

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Ionic Lifting Grid


Exploratory Research on the Phenomenon of the Movement of High Voltage Capacitors

By Doyle R. Buehler

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