Founding Principles of Space Mixing Theory

Author: Thomas A. Manz <>
Size: 17 pages (132 KB)
Reference: Journal of Space Mixing, 2003, 1, 1-17.

This article develops from first principles some of the key ingredients necessary to successfully construct a Theory of Everything (TOE). The heart of a successful TOE must contain an accurate model of space. The basic principles governing existence have been used to show that space is a network of linked perceptions. The exchange of perceptions, or information, in space is called space mixing. By implicitly representing all the properties of space, this network of linked perceptions has been shown to be a self-scalar field called the Latent Scalar, L. It is shown that all physical properties of the multiverse are embedded in this self-scalar field, a principle called the space mixing theorem. It is also shown that distances between points in a self-scalar field are characterized by an invariant distance parameter and an associated metric tensor, a principle called the space metric theorem. Space Mixing Theory is based on a combination of mathematical and logical inferences.

Keywords: theory of everything, TOE, unification physics, space-time, multiverse, space mixing theory, philosophy of existence, philosophy of physics

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Founding Principles of Space Mixing Theory

By Thomas A. Manz

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