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Online Physics Tutorials

Open Questions in Physics by John Baez (view)
The Net Advance of Physics (Reviews and Tutorials) (view)
Principles of Special Relativity at SLAC (view)
History of Special Relativity by O"Connor and Robertson (view)
Principles of General Relativity by John Baez (view)
History of General Relativity by O"Connor and Robertson (view)
History of the Standard Model (view)
Cosmology and The Big Bang at NASA (view)
Particle and Wave Motions(view)
Electromagnetic Fields and Maxwell"s Equations(view)
Quantum Mechanics by M. Breinig(view)
"Spectroscopy, molecular orbitals, and chemical bonding" Nobel lecture by Robert Mulliken(view)
The Physics Classroom--High School Physics Tutorial(view)

Just for Fun

Ig Noble Prizes Funny research that can't or shouldn't be repeated (view)
Brain Boosters How to keep your mind and memory sharp (view)
Did You Know? Fun science facts (view)

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